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Filipino Trivia


First "Filipinos"
The term Filipino originally referred exclusively to Spaniards and Spanish mestizos born in the Philippines. Espanoles-Filipinos -- children of Espana and Filipinas -- was how they specifically called themselves. Later the native upper class of indios ("uncivilized heathens") and Chinese mestizos, believing that education and wealth gave them the cloak of Spanish culture, also began calling themselves Filipinos.
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The term Pilipinas, as distinguished from Filipinas, made its first public appearance in a stamp issued during the Japanese Occupation of Manila in World War II. Not until 1962 did the Philippine government make a similar change from Filipinas to Pilipinas in officially describing the nation
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First Filipino - or Filipina?
Was the first Filipino a man or a woman?
The oldest human relics in the Philippines were discovered in Tabon Cave, Palawan, in 1962. The most important find was a fragment of a rather thick skull with a sloping forehead and wide, heavy bones. The jaws and the back of the head were missing, but subsequent carbon tests and ethic studies led to the general conclusion that the skull belonged to a small, slight human, a "Negritoid" who had lived about 22,000 years ago. Further tests gave the impression that the skullcap belonged to a woman.
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The typical Filipino breakfast is not tapsilog (tapa, sinangag and itlog). It's kankamtuy: kanin, kamatis and tuyo.
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